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Because it’s never too early…

Renew Gotham Knights

…to show your love for a TV series. For Gotham Knights.

After all, that’s what we do, right?

Be it via Network TV or through a streaming service, whether we see it live or catch it on an app on the way home from work, one of the many things fandom communities do so very well is connect with a good series… and then share their passion for it with the world.

Fanfiction and fan art.

Endless hashtagged tweets that set beautiful – and sometimes hilarious – trends. #ZaddyDent anyone?

Social media reaction to, and interaction with, the cast and crew who share with us their passion for the world they have so artfully created. Not to mention the in-person engagements that have already occurred. How many times have you been invited to a bar in New York to share a series premiere with one of the series’ leads? (Thank you, Misha Collins!)

Fan attendance – and cosplays! – at conventions.

Deep episode analysis on Tumblr.

Not-so-deep thirst-tweets on Twitter. (Ahem!)

It all counts. It all makes a difference to the longevity of a series.


Ratings numbers.

News about which shows stay and which shows go usually drop in May, and when it comes to those decisions  the ratings play a major role, especially for a series in its first season.

Importantly, ratings are sourced from new episode viewings ON THE NIGHT THEY AIR. Whether you’re watching live, or recording to DVR and watching that night, the important thing is to watch each new episode on the day it premieres.

Gotham Knights premiered with comparatively good numbers, and while they slipped a little on the second episode, the 3rd episode saw a bounce back of 13%, with the latest episode (#106 airing April 25) jumping another 11.49% . On the international front, via HBO streaming the series is doing brilliantly, landing in second place only behind The Last of Us in the list of Top Shows on HBO (via Flix Patrol).

But we need to increase the numbers, now. We need to let The Powers That Be – those who decide the fates of the shows we love – know that we want a Season 2 (and more!). Tweet, create art, engage online and hashtag #CWGothamKnights till your bats come home, but make sure you watch each new episode on the night it premieres. Get your friends, your family, your co-workers to tune in. Spread the word. It is vital to the longevity of this show that we boost the ratings.

Gotham Knights is on our screens now. There is a story to tell. There are characters we’ve already connected to whose journeys we want to share. There is a highly passionate, engaging and talented production team, cast and crew who want to give us more.

Now is the time to let the good folks at The CW know we want them to RENEW GOTHAM KNIGHTS.


With a 13-episode first season, with network decisions about renewals and cancellations coming up at any moment, it is timely RIGHT NOW to be seen as a Gotham Knight BatBrat, to have your BatBrat voices heard.

  • Watch every episode LIVE on Tuesday nights, 9pm ET/8pm C.
  • Watch it again, free, the following day on The CW app.
  • Tweet as you watch, using the hashtag #CWGothamKnights and #RenewGothamKnights.
  • Every time you tweet about the show, a character, a plot point, a scene, be sure to use at least the main hashtag, if not both.
  • Print a flyer or two – or three or four! – and find local places of interest to put them up, and take a photo or selfie and tweet with the hashtag. Let it be seen that Gotham Knights is popular all around the world, in big cities and small towns and villages.
  • Drop a note or a postcard – see below! – to The Powers That Be at The CW and Warner Bros. Tweets are great, but nothing says “I want this show to have a second season” like a physical note/card.
  • Create art. Create gifs and vids. Share your creations on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok (while it lasts!) and Tumblr. And as always, use the hashtag!
  • Make. Some. BatBrat. Noise.
  • Stay tuned! We’ll keep updates going on social, but be sure to keep an eye on this page as we update with episode news, reviews and the like… and make further plans to keep the Renew Gotham Knights message going.



Tweets are nice, but nothing says I REALLY want you to renew my favorite show than a something a little more tangible – a flyer, a sticker, or a postcard sent in the mail. With many thanks to @_Rainy_Daze_ and @__ellie, we have a few designs available to use!

Download the postcard images, and use them for print-at-home cards or to upload to any of a number of online postcard services. (We’ll list a few options below.) Send a postcard to any and all of the people/networks we’ve listed on this page (see right column). For flyers or stickers, the links for art are above, and we’ve also provided a Google Doc with some general instructions of what you can do to join the online, worldwide message that we want The CW to #RenewGothamKnights.





How to send postcards online

There are multiple options, but here’s just a few!

  • My Postcard (and includes a discount for folks who used to use Postcard On The Run!)
  • Touchnote (buy a package of postcards to send & send multiple to The Powers That Be!)
  • Postable (and right now there is an Easter discount!)

Don’t have time to send a postcard? Grab one or more of the images anyway and use them in your Twitter or Instagram posts – or create a TikTok vid! – to let The Powers That Be know that we want more Gotham Knights!

Who to write to

We engage on social media, but if you want your voice heard by those who make decisions about the future of Gotham Knights the most effective way is to drop a note – a postcard works (see below!) – to any or all of the following. (As always, be kind and respectful, please.)

  • Brad Schwartz
    President, Entertainment
  • Nelson Jiminez
    Manager, Scripted Programming
  • The CW Network
    3300 W Olive Avenue, 3rd Floor
    Burbank, CA, 91505
  • Parul Agrawal
    Senior Vice President, Drama Development
  • Warner Bros. Television
    4000 Warner Blvd
    Burbank, CA, 91522
  • James Gunn
  • Peter Safran
  • DC Studios
    4000 Warner Blvd
    Burbank, CA, 91522

Who to engage

The cast and crew of the Gotham Knights family – including the producers! – are very active on social media. Follow them. Engage. Share your love for who and what they have created.


Network, Producers & Crew:


Whoever you write to, whoever you tag in a Tweet or Instagram post, just be sure to make the message clear: We want a Season 2 of Gotham Knights. We want The Powers That Be to Renew Gotham Knights.

Renew Gotham Knights